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Dennis Root

Dennis Root is the founder and President of Dennis Root & Associates, Inc. He has over 21 years experience in law enforcement, private security and corrections use of force training. Dennis is a renowned law enforcement trainer who has provided instruction dealing with force encounters on the street and within correctional facilities. As a career instructor, Dennis has a unique ability to clearly articulate and describe the complex and sometimes confusing science behind use of force decision making for both law enforcement and citizen encounters. He has helped attorneys, administrators, and civilian jurors understand the various factors that may justify or invalidate the use of force.


Dennis has consulted and trained law enforcement officers throughout the United States since 1993 on issues including, empty hand control tactics, proper use and application of handcuffs and various other restraints, impact weapons, O.C. aerosol sprays, electronic control devices (ECD), and the use of firearms. He has testified in deposition and court regarding issues involving the use of force by police. Dennis has provided professional consultation regarding law enforcement and citizen use of force, arrest procedures, and policy & procedure development. Dennis has never been rejected as an expert in any jurisdiction where he has been asked to offer testimony.


Dennis is available for a preliminary consultation to determine if he may provide expert assistance in both civil and criminal cases in State or Federal court.


For additional information, please contact Dennis at: dennis@DennisRoot.com


A full curriculum vitae is available upon request.